The artist behind the cartoons

Born and bred in country NSW, Jeff Northam is a qualified Sydney journalist who designs the pages of a major Australian newspaper.


A self-taught artist, Jeff has been drawing ever since he could hold a pencil. He loves nothing more than the challenge of a blank page. His unique style has developed through constant drawing and experimentation, resulting in vivid and engaging cartoon artwork and puzzles. Jeff aims to amuse, challenge and entertain his audience as they tackle each original, hand-drawn creation.


Jeff loves creating puzzles and hopes his readers find equal enjoyment solving them!


If you would like to meet the artist, Jeff offers cartooning classes exclusively in Sydney. For more information about these, please get in touch! You can also catch Jeff at Sydney’s local markets where he offers unique, made-to-order artwork on the spot.

So what are the benefits of puzzles?

Research has shown that brain teasers and puzzles are both entertaining and beneficial for brain health. Puzzles help to:


• Boost your brain activity

• Strengthen cognitive skills

• Provide satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment

• Improve concentration and memory

• Encourage people to "think outside the box"

• Have quicker reactions

• Improve mood

• Develop problem-solving skills